Inspiration: If you still don't know: STAR CITIZEN


This is a demo of an insane game called STAR CITIZEN. Basically it seems to be a typical space-battleship-game, but there is lots of technical ingenuity. For example an innovative landscape tessellation and LOD-system (Quadtree). I’ve heared that in the first developing stage of the game there was a problem of the player’s coordinate system. Once the gamer jumps from one moving ship to another he multiplies his coordinates with the moving ship itself. This was a huge challenge at the beginning, especially in multiplayer mode.

So maybe someone feels inspired by this game and wants to build an Armory 3D Star Citizen Tech Demo <3. I’m excited…

Cheers Till


You need hundred people working minimum five years and a 3D engine more advanced , good luck :smile:


Well, we could have some sort of competition where someone tries to create an expansive universe as beautiful - it wouldn’t be as many man-hours, and would also still qualify as pretty impressive.


challenge accepted :wink:


Any other supporters? Just list here, or we can make another thread.


How though??? :confused:


I think the question of how is part of the challenge. Armory is capable of rendering a scene like the city skyline from star citizen with its facets - or at least I’m pretty sure. If you have any specific graphical questions just ask.


I know armory is capable of rendering scene shown above but i was asking that how would someone make that big open world. Of course one person can’t make that expensive scene, it would need others help to model, texture, etc to make that big scene. So, in short how would people collaborate to make big open world. I am sure not everyone live next to each other, being scattered around make it harder to collaborate and i don’t know how you people do it…I hope that clear my question and sorry for misunderstanding…


Well, there’s github, but yeah, since the material assets are mainly stored in one blend file that is a bit difficult. Armory isn’t quite optimized for collaboration in that sense (yet, wouldn’t be surprised if functionality were added).
Perhaps this would interest you:

Looks to be an addon for real time collaboration. From my limited research it’s not very up to date though, and would be a bit of a pain with external haxe files, although I suppose some sort of FTP can take care of that.
You could always create your own addon for this, wouldn’t be all that difficult as long as it’s acceptable to happen at 2 FPS in the editor.


What is this about ->
is it about multi user on a project.


and well, Armory’s First tech demo doesn’t have to big open world or open world at least.Maybe we should start by making map like one from PUBG or Fortnite. A map with vegetation, little town and etc, not a multi planet world. Don’t get me wrong, armory is or might be capable of making big world like starcitizen or even NoMan’sSky, what i am saying is maybe we should start smaller and yes, making big map like one in pubg is not an easy task. But just saying, its just my opinion.


I’m more excited by the beauty of Armory and how it can mimic Star Citizen, but yeah, it’s not all too well suited for collaboration on large scenes, so we ought to start at a smaller scale, as you have put it. There’s probably a great deal of opportunity still with maps that don’t require great detail and can be auto-generated, but it’s not SC. The proxies + github are probably the way to go if you have the patience and manpower though.
Just the following image though, with all the animations live:

-can easily be rendered with Armory. It’s the sort of thing an enthusiast wanting to promote Armory’s quality in order to bring more people to it could do within a week. (An experienced one, at least, not saying that’s me.)

Star Citizen will always make us look up to it with envy I guess.


Well, so what should we do for now? Should we start or should we wait for Armory 1.0 to come out. and yeah making a small tech demo for now could be good way of marking the release of half built armory(0.5) and showing to other what armory is capable of.


I have no control over what you do, but I think that we should focus on getting Armory a sizable community. So if you want to do stuff to showcase Armory, you might not want to wait till 1.0 (honest opinion), but you could. No one is stopping you :grinning: . But since Armory could eventually lose support before 1.0 if we’re lazy, which is a scary thought, 0.5 is definitely a great time to start advertising. Besides, just imagine how impressive that reads on paper: “Half of a game engine re-creates SC scene.”


But still how do we showcase Armory to the outside world?? I know there is category in this forum to showcase our project. To increase armory community is to promote it on social media, but people won’t know where to go when they see you work without Armory pages on social media. The other way to do is increase tutorial on armory, i am sure the increase in tutorial will skyrocket people coming here. i know @Monte_Drebenstedt is doing armory node tutorial, but we are still missing a scripting tutorials. Again, i know that there many haxe scripting tutorial for armory out here but it is still less for sizeable community.


Whatever you say, it’s always important to touch a number of bases.


I am not sure you want “a ton” of people at this point. Most people would be very unhappy with the current state of Armory. Meaning that it is barely in alpha and I don’t think have people demanding this or that feature or bitching about something not working in the hundreds would be helpful. I think quietly working on the engine with people willing to use it as is or help develop it would be much more useful at this point. Also, you don;t need a huge project to show it off. Build something - show it off it what ever form you can, start a hashtag and post it on here for us to follow.


Your are right, that make a lot of sense. Still though Armory is really awesome, can’t wait for final 0.5 build.:grinning::grinning::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: