Logic nodes if..else


Hi. I’ve just started out with armory. It’s neat. :grin: But there seems to be a bit of an oversight in the logic nodes,

Can we have simple Else impulse outputs on most logic nodes?

I’m aware of the Branch node, but it tends to make trees quite messy because of the bool conversions. A simple additional output on the logic nodes would be much neater, I think?

Or is there a simple way to do If-else and i’m just not seeing it?

Edit: Silly me, writing on the forum. Added this to the issue tracker under node suggestions.


Agree, at least the “Gate” node should have a Else output.


Did a pull request with a working Gate node with an extra “Else” output.


That’s awesome! Thank you very much!


Are you looking for that ?
I named it “GateTFNode” for “Gate True/False Node” and you find all of it here in the forum


oh, that is basically what I did to the normal gate node… well it is now on lubos if it should be changed officially.


Oki it’s merged now(#596), thanks to both @Simonrazer and @Didier!