So called "Virusprotection" bullguard is blocking armory for some reason



Yesterday i started with Armory Playground and templates, my Virusprotection, Bullguard, gave a warning and placed blender.exe in quarantaine. Does anybody had such problems, what to think about it?



Hey there,
Armory is open-source project, no one would make a malware an open-source product.

As you say, it is placing blender.exe in quarantaine, as blender.exe is not armory product and hence has nothing to do with armory. So, maybe ask in some forums that is related to blender directly why your virus protector blocking blender.

As being said no open-source project would be malware, assuming you downloaded blender from here or from here, it is safe to put blender.exe in ignore list of your virus protector


Avira reported a file of Armory, Krafitti.exe as well and put it in quarantine. Marked it as exception and never had any problems.