Trouble with Materials in Android builds


Hi - I’m still working my way though Armory to see if is suitable for my project (which I hope it is) - but I’m having trouble with materials in the Android build - flat colored materials are visible but with no lighting - so I tried baking lighting textures which works fine in the players (html5 and linux build) but when built for an android emulator (Pie) in android studio all the surfaces are black - I have tried mobile and baked render paths but still no textures. I tried the baked.blend example with the same results.

I also tried html5 on Android 6 but just got a black window and no display (no red loading bar either) - not sure if Android 6 is too old?

Can anyone point me in the direction of how to get an android build showing baked textures?




Are you using 0.6? People in discord server are also saying that they are getting weird result with 0.6 for mobile android and ios


Yes - 0.6 and Blender 2.8 - using all the latest from the downloads page on Saturday.
I’ll pop in on the discord server