WIP Character Controller Suitable for 1st/3rd Person Shooter


I’ve got a WIP character controller character controller that I wanted to share, it might need some work/cleanup, but it is the best thing that I have been able to produce so far that can walk up and down hills without speeding up, slowing down or jittering along the floor. It also lets you set a maximum slope that the player can walk up ( but it needs a little bit of work ). It probably needs Armory 0.6 to work right.

Thanks to @zaethan and everybody else from my math question post. The vector project math was used in the controller :slight_smile: .

Change physics accuracy

Sweet! Once it’s ready we could bundle this into Armory, provided you would be ok with that. :stuck_out_tongue: Those old rusty ones that are bundled now should have been replaced long time ago…


Awesome! That’s just what I wanted to do. I’ll let you know when I have it ready. :smiley:


Yay, excited! Can’t wait to finally configure characters in Blender using @props. :hammer: :smiley:


@zicklag Amazing work! thanks for sharing this, I will borrow the portion of code that sticks player to ground to use it in my game, thank god I don’t have to reinvent the wheel to do this :slight_smile:


Awesome! I couldn’t belive that I couldn’t find any great Bullet examples when I tried to implement the controller ( I really only searched the Bullet forums, but still ). I had tried a whole bunch of different strategies before it seemed like this one worked. There are so many strange problems you run into when trying to do a basic character controller ( you should have seen when his head would stick to the ceiling when he jumped into it :wink: ).

I’m so glad that my example is helping somebody else out! :smiley: