[0.6][CC0] AAAsteroid

Hello, a few weeks ago, I started designing a small 2D game with a gameplay similar to the atari arcade game Asteroid released in 1979

The goal is not to reproduce the game 100% but to be inspired to create a small 2D game with Armory3D.

After a lapse of time of 2 weeks without having touched the project, I no longer want to continue adding things, that’s why I make it available to you in CC0 license.

The game lacks some features, such as Reset Level when the player dies, or save the maximum score in JSON.

The game also has a serious optimization problem, with particles being generated via logical nodes, and rendering options not being optimized, I think we could reduce the resources needed to make it run.

I therefore provide you with the .blend, as well as a browser link to test it (this version was from two week ago there is bug on firefox and old computers) : https://amcgi.fr/Armory3D/AAAsteroid/

The source file (you’ll have to unpack internal files) : https://www.dropbox.com/s/5qt6ieaaozhd665/AAAsteroid.zip?dl=0

Some variables are written in French, don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions.

If you want to modify, add good practices in the nodes trees, or give your opinion, the topic is made for that :slight_smile:
Many nodes are added one on top of the other in not so coherent logic, if you feel you can made them work in a more logical way.