100.000m2 of geometry in Armory?

Hi All.

I want to try and test out how well Armory does in scale.
I have some architectural models of around 100.000 m2 building projects.
A detail level down to walls and blocky furniture.
100 - 500 Mb files -> 10.000.000 triangles.

I know Armory is still young so, can anyone tell me if this is a fools errand at the current stage of Armory development and that I better wait?


Hello Ejnar!

It would not bode well right now. Problems that would show up:

  • Streaming scene assets on the fly is not ready
  • Shadow quality issues for big distances
  • Camera depth precision issues for big distances

Nonetheless handling big environments is essential. I see the light but it will likely take at least 3-4 more builds. The shadows for infinite distances are almost there, then (finally) on to the data streaming.

Alright then. I’ll wait a couple of builds and slowly start. In the meantime I’ll just sit back and follow all your amazing work on this.
Roger over 10 - 4.