3D web publications

This project was conceived in 2001, tested in 2008 as 3D encyclopaedia but abandoned due to technology issue. it is reactivated in Nov 2017 with a simple game engine as the core platform because of its simple interactive navigation features, a few emerging high quality render engines was considered and Armory is of it.

So the dinosaur is 9 years old prototype, intended for advertising in a new kind of content marketing. I was never interested in the over crowded game industry, 3D VR is now and in high quality. This kind of production rely on painting skill and UV map optimization.


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Nice. What’s the size of the download coming through, it was pretty speedy.

8mb, the actual publication is around 20mb per scene for desktop view only, too heavy for mobile browser that only take about 5mb limit. Some of the scene will have to be 2.5D mixed with rendered image.

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This is awesome. Dinosaurs are cool. Do you plan to build more models?

The initial project is about dinosaur but was abandoned due to its role in advertisement, it will remain as surprise element only, because the first step is getting it online for all device and acquire enough client to subscribe for this kind of marketing approach.