A beginning is a very delicate time

Hi, i just downloaded the 0.4b from the Website and wanted to start playing around…
well. Where is all the Fancy Stuff. It open with a standard Blender 2.79b Splashscreen and a lot I cant find…

In the Video I can switch to an Amory Viewscreen… but it isnt there.
The Nodes are there, this is fine. But i cant play it, it looks so different in the Videos.

When I start the krom player: nothing happens… well except: MSVCP140.dll is missing
When I start c++: nothing happens
when I start browser: There is just a black screen.

What have i done wrong.


try 1) in the setting of the object find the logic control and select the blue prints
at startup, you need to save the file
keep in mind that the assembly can not yet be stable, perhaps
screen armory I also did not have

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For Krom and MSVCP140.dll missing - install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015.
For C++ target a C++ compiler is required (see here).
Viewport player is part of b2.8 package now.
Videos can get outdated, manual is more reliable. :slight_smile:

What is your OS and GPU? Try selecting Properties - Render - Armory Render Path - Preset - Low if you continue to have issues.