A Simple Turntable Application demo?

How do you create a camera and rotate the camera around a model set ?
Like when you move the mouse horizontally the camera will rotate around its look at target ?

Is there a simple demo for that ?

The absolute simplest way would actually be to rotate the object with the mouse movement. simply set the rotation of the object to the movement of the mouse. It would provide the same result. The other way I could think of is to set the camera’s origin point to the center of the object and the the movement of the mouse should have the camera rotate around the origin. ( I haven’t tested that but it should work in theory)

This is a good question though. I might just do a video for this soon.

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Try this:



I tried this.

Step 1:
Attach Camera to an empty or a small mesh and call it camera target.

Step 2:
Attach mouse mouse to rotate the camera target.

The downside is there is no way to detect mouse move left or right, up or down, maybe someone can improve on that while keeping it simple.

Thank you bkumanchik, this is a little ridiculous :frowning:
But THANKS TO YOU, I saved your file and I can use it for future turn tables :slight_smile:
THANK YOU :smiley:

This is no different then any other game engine. You have multiple options here on how to move the camera with both keyboard and mouse. While this may look complicated this is exactly what would need to be done with any other game engine for the amount of options that are included. I know of no drag and drop viewer in any other game engine. The closest this is Sketchfab.

Monte is right, I had to do the same thing in code for Unity - I’d much rather use nodes. as I’m an artist not a programmer. It’s nice to see it visually the I can make (visual) sense of it :wink:


You’re welcome, I’m loving this game engine - looking forward to more work on the canvas UI system.

Oh, also if when the overlay checkbox was checked in Armory Props under materials and it still supported an alpha channel, that would work perfectly.

Hi, in Coppercube, all you have to do is drag and drop a “behavior” to a camera and it will automatically rotate around its target when mouse mouse up down left and right :slight_smile:

One Click.

This looks interesting, why are you switching to Armory?


Also, you don’t need those 12 nodes on the right unless you also want keyboard support. and the 2 unconnected ones on the left are for third person support.

Hey, if this setup is a bit too big you can install logic_pack (Armory custom nodes by the community) to create this setup which is able to replace the 3 node trees on the left of the image:

You need to attach this trait to an empty that sits “inside” of your model.

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Thank you Simonrazer, how do you install this logic_pack ?
bkumanchik, you asked, why am I switching to Armory, it’s because the graphic looks current :smiley:

Download you need to download it (unzip it), create a folder called Libraries next to your .blend and there you can put the contents of the repository (blender.py , Sources, logicnode_definitions).

Inside the zip file are two folders and three files…so…
I create a folder call “Libraries” and paste just the “logicnode_definitions” folder in it ?

You need to paste all the stuff inside the zib into “Libraries”! Sorry that wasn’t clear

Hi, it didn’t show up, I put the folder “libraries” next to the blend file and inside it is:
“logic_pack-master” Folder and inside that folder contains:
pycache” Folder
“logicnode_definitions” Folder
“Sources” Folder

It didn’t show up at all when I click bundled, what did I do wrong ?

Sorry I forgot to include the mynodes folder…
Here a video of the placement

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Hi I did that and it still does not appear in bundled script.