A suggestion to use blender template application to customize the ui

i tried armory 3d and it is amazing and i have a suggestion you can use blender template to customize the ui there is an example https://blenderpro3d.com/ so armory can be better organazed
and her is the blender documentaion https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/dev/advanced/app_templates.html

and her is the video from blender pro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAdiGHwfDkQ

You meant like ue4 and unity have templates opener? or a like a File organizer?

if you take a look to the video from blender pro the developper was able to tweek the blender ui but armory just extend the blender ui with his fuctionnalitys and ther is tons of button and ui used in blender that dont have any effects on your project so it is maybe better to hide those ui so they dont bother you

The goal of armory in blender is that you can use it for renders and can also make game with easy.
I thought about template viewer sometime ago, i will see how i can tweak the ui for template viewer.

blender template don’t override the original blender ui but just give you a way to organize your work space and you still can use the orignal ui that just add the possiblity to change the ui from the splash screen but like me i use armory for game developmment i dont use the rendring functionnality so it is better for me at least to have a work space dedicated to just the armory fuctionnality this is an example explain the utility of blender template https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0c_ctYiDJg

Ahh i see now what you are talking about, i agree it could be good use but hiding/ removing ui and checking which and what is connected to armory and which, what is not, can take a while. I personally don’t think that it good idea, it not bad either but it will take lot of work in sorting of what to keep and what to not.I agree that some functionality can come in your way, but in MY OPINION it is good as it is.Again, your idea is not bad either, why don’t you ask @lubos.

i did send him an email with this conversation i hope he will replay

It seems to me that you are talking about the new feature in 2.8 called workspaces.

no this is somthing else that exist for blender 2.79b and maybe older then that the example from blenderpro use blender 2.79b you can take a look to the blender menu File>Application Template