About subtitles in tutorials

Hello, I’m Daniel.
The reason I create this post is to know the plurality of the community. Every day that I spend studying amory, I fall in love with it, because that to help the community grow I am doing tutorials with the knowledge that I have, I always intend to post new content as soon as I learn something new. I’m Brazilian so I’m recording the videos in Portuguese (most Brazilians have difficulties with English), and capturing on youtube in English, I trying do subtitles in Spanish too, and that’s why I posted this, for you comment a another language to subtitles if you want. I don’t know if I can subtitles more, maybe Italian and French using google translate, but I will always leave open the option of other people to add subtitles.
P. S: Maybe the subtitles have some English errors, but it’s just following the steps that will WORK.


Hey / Óla / Hola Daniel!

I love that you’re doing Armory videos in Portuguese although I only speak English (OK, and a bit of Spanish, French and Malay). Helping people in more parts of the world to learn is a fantastic goal. Personally, I’m in the lucky group who has it easy by having my first language be English, so I don’t feel in a position to request specific languages for you to work on. I did want to say thank you for your help, and to encourage you to keep going though!