About the news section

The following opinion MUST NOT have the effect of taking any second dedicated to develop the engine.

I don’t know how much of you use the news section.
I really love it. I have it on bookmars. I just press it on my browser and see inmediatly what’s new.
It seems nowadays people are most used to Tweeter, but I don’t use it at all.

The news section seems to be a backdoor of all the news posted in Tweeter, and this is fine to me, but it is really annoying the new is no linked to the forum like other webs do.

In other sites, you see a new, and you can talk about it in the forum. The reply button is just in the ‘new’. This creates conversation!. Most of the time, what we gonna say is ‘Coool, I love it’ when a new feature appears, but at last, this gives us the chance to give some credit to the author. In the actual system, we see a new… and we have to be silent about it, or going to the forum and open manually a post … and maybe people just dont go to the forum to see it.

Just please, add at some point a news section in the forum, and make a button so we can discuss the new directly, by pressing it.

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Would be indeed cool to fix that. The current solution is basically used just because there is ‘zero maintenance’ required to keep it going. Need to figure something out…