ACXT3R - the Armory community shooter

Link for the project (everyone can edit):

Let’s make a game all together?
Everyone loves Shooters, right? They are relatively easy to do, so why not make one.

1) No pressures, no deadlines, no compromise, no money, no roles, no license (Public Domain), no nothing.
2) Destiny will manage things.
3) No one is obligated to do a thing.

Probably it won’t ever be done but it will be good for learning Armory and know each other better.

Saving and Version Control:
- Each person should create a file with their name, branched from the main one.
- As soon someone contributes with some progress on their branch, write a post mentioning that is cool to go, I’ll review it and will update the main file.
- If many people gathers we’ll need to work out something more advanced (don’t be a stranger if you know something awesome), but for now should be enough.

I’m good at modeling, so I made a Jet:

Until some day!


Cool idea! I added some primitive controls, a barrier(so you cant fly away), and that the rotation on the mouse makes you fly faster in this direction. I think an interesting shooting mechanic would be that you shoot with you scrollwhell. So you scroll up, if you want to shoot up and down when down. I am not sur if the mousemovement is needed to aim, but it would be way easier. I will definetly will help on that project!

Öhm there is a problem I cant figure out how to upload it to your dropbox so does someone here know how to use this? Or an free alternative since at this point switching is not that big of a problem

Hey Simonrazer,
I was all excited to test your modifications :frowning:
I tough you could upload to dropbox freely… it’s supposed to be a open folder, but I guess you need to have an account. We need something anyone can access indeed.

Created a Google Drive Box which should be working(I hope)

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I had tough in the mouse movement to point also.
I’ve read that armory can possibly be used to make console games in the future, so it’s perhaps better keep the controls also compatible with game pads. In this case mouse buttons can act as Left and Right buttons on a game pad and the mouse movement can be the second analog stick.

I’ve tried your modifications, it worked great for a bit :slight_smile: but at some point the ship disappeared. Must have went trough a barrier somehow.

May I update the link on the first post to yours?
Is it a good idea? :slight_smile:

Yes, that would be a very good idea! Go for it!

Done :slight_smile: Thanks!
I’ll also update the info on how everyone should save, for the moment.
Every time someone feels that has made a stable release, writes a post here and I’ll review it and update the main file. Each persons should save a version of the file with their name and work on the dangerous stuff in it.
Lets see how that works.

I’ve implemented the Simonrazer modifications on the main file.

I’ve also:
-Made a clean barrier object
-Ensured that the Jet hits the sides at the exact location (well half of the ship stays visible).

- The Jet fly in the Z direction after a few hits on the barrier until eventually goes off screen, I’ve tried constraints but that didn’t work, the game stop building.
- The boundaries of the camera on the 3D view port don’t match with the game frame in Krom


  • Top view or side view? I kind of like both :slight_smile: Do we have to choose one?
  • Camera in landscape or portrait?

What do you mean by sideview?
On the Camera, I am not sure, but I would tend to portrait.:thinking:

I have found some bugs while testing in this project too, I hope @lubos reads this/keeps on reading.

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Uploaded Version with tweaks to movement, so now you can go realy slow in one direction if you press the opposite direction-buttons + started testing on shooting.

There are the called vertical shooters:

and side shooters:

But… how hard is to have a combination of both? For example have the camera on top and after a while change to side, thus having both type of shooters. I guess the main issue is that the controls aren’t the same :slight_smile: for both.

WOW! The new version handles really awesome! :smiley: Feels really nice!
I’ve updated the main file. No other modifications were made.
I’ll keep all the versions here, so we can always go back in time if necessary.

If you need something modeled just let me know, or make a temporary object that I’ll work on it later.

It looks mega cool in portrait :wink: By me it stays a vertical shooter in portrait mode.
I’ll also make a version for my self and will update the main file to portrait as soon you make another update.

I’ve updated the main file to use the new Portrait mode and adjusted the resolution to 1200*1920 to have it less rectangular. And added some Thrusters objects to animate later.

here some rocket sound

I’ve added the Thrusters animation on the Main file, but I can’t make it stop XD it should only be activated when moving up.

Hey Chirs.k!
Thanks for the sound! :slight_smile:

there is fire bug when you hit space you can see litle laser (left up) under specific angle

Wow this is super cool! Will be fixing the engine bugs that get discovered asap. :slight_smile:


Great Project! i think it could be very useful !

As i pay attention to licenses, could you add license info of the project ? ( maybe same Armory license : zlib/libpng License )
Thank you!