Ads and package

Hey all here some info ads and package

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Congrats! How do you manage to add ads into that game?

It might be a good idea to change the package name to something else?

“com.ktxsoftware.kore” is the default package name… made a bug report, so hopefully this can be prevented in the future.

Sry for this issue i will try to fix it later.

The add i implemetation after a long research find a company who ad advertise to your apk or other files but just a preroll and fixed banner support without coding now, the rest is very difficult to implement maybe of less coding experience.

if Lubos or Someone here have time can look or contact there someone for help , to get Interstitial,Banner,Rewarded Video work.

it was very hard to find weeks long ,here is the company everyone can load free apk or other application with ads out different providers like admob are supported.

please read first there the Instructions and not all options are for free

enjoy it



Dont forget to deactivate requests location permissions from users In the ads example google admob link otherwise your app will be download less.

There are actually some third party libraries for ads, iap and etc available for kha. But it hasn’t been updated for quite some time.