After reinstall ... no more values, color_preset

After a total reinstall of the actual downloadable Armory 0.6 / W10 64 (I tested with the zip and 7z to see if differences …), when reopening a precedent project, all the values, as in a Set Property logic node for example, are cleared …but not everywhere :face_with_monocle: strange, isn’t it ? and did you meet this problem too ?

new discover … same thing for the color presets for the nodes … all cleared


Next> I wanted to restart everything from an empty file in which I make Append from an old file … Append does not work anymore

The code for importing older projects has been removed from the Armory addon, see here: Node objects and actions disappear on opening a .blend file in 2.8

Thanks for link @robw … finally I will redesign everything that will profit from experience obtained with first version … and thus as you discussed in the link it’s a real deal to be sure to keep compatibility ascendant when over 1.0 version of Armory.

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