After Spawning object collision detection not working?

I was trying to create some random spawning. But I was getting an error with “null name”.
So I tried another object and this time it worked. So I pressed button that I assigned to spawn this Cube and it spawned. Then my attention went to “enemy object” that was attacking my character and it didn’t took any damage.
So I restared it and collision worked again, then I spawned Cube and collision disappeared again. Why is that?

Edit: I create a copy of enemy will it be able to deal damage. And I saw an error with my “Get children” node insted of find by name now It’s “Starts with”.
But now I still have no idea why when I try to create a copy of enemy with spawn node program crashes

Can you provide a minimal test project to reproduce the issue?


Press Spacebar to spawn.


After looking at your file, I found that it had a few more errors too. Anyways, I think the “Spawn” node gives an error because it is applied to an Armature than a mesh structure. Try applying it to a mesh and see if it gives an error.

Also, it would greatly help reduce the effort if you could provide a simpler sample file with only the node structure that reproduces the error.

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Thank you <3.
Didn’t know how to reproduce it myself. I would never figure out that I can’t spawn Group that starts with a Armature. I added An Empty as a parent for armature and it works fine now.

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