AI Nodes / Support

Hello everyone.
I wonder if does Armory offer nodes for AI, namely:

Navmesh with jump points
Behavior trees
Steering behaviors

Forgive me, I didn’t look at the manual and I didn’t search anywhere, but for two valid reasons:

1 I don’t know what to search exactly
2 I’m confident this is a quick question to answer to.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I haven’t tested it yet :neutral_face:

Thanks a ton, this goes for the NavMesh, because I’ve used it in BGE before, I guess how to use it.

What about the others?

navmesh.blend (1.9 MB)
try this

It’s like you misunderstood me, I said I already know the NavMesh thing because I’ve used it in BGE.

NaVmesh is all I could find. I looked at manual there is nothing about AI
Are you working in UE4? :slightly_smiling_face:

LOL No, I’m not.
I finished a good book about AI in games yesterday and I fallen in love with what I asked for.

Most of them can be created with little effort using logic nodes, but I’d have liked if there were any out-of-the-box solutions for this in Armory.

Thanks anyhow.

What about FSM and Steering Behaviours?

There is machine learning available with Tensorflow library with kha.

No, thanks, I’m not interested in machine learning

So, no official voice here?
I’d like to hear from Armory devs.

Well addressing your OP, if you want to see what is already available for nodes you can either look up the API and navigate to armory/logicnode to see what nodes are there, or you can also look up the sources of nodes directly.

Don’t forget that Armory is very early in development, so support for such things may be scarce or possibly none yet.

Though you are welcome to contribute it yourself to Armory. I don’t know how complicated is the stuff you listed but the source of Armory is open, so you can find various examples to guide the process. If you have questions, you can ask here in the forums to lessen the difficulty of the task.

I see, thanks.
Gonna check your link asap.

What you are asking for should be really interesting to implement, and the creation of custom logic nodes is one of the better documented parts of the engine. So if you don’t do it before me, I may do it myself if I decided start contributing to Armory. (I am hardly considering it).

I didn’t get exactly what you mean

Simple, you can create custom logic nodes that do what you want, if you have the experience needed with Haxe of course, and then you could contribute them back to the engine.

I think than that’s​ not particularly difficult because there tutorials in how to do that.

And I have been thinking in starting contributing to the engine. If I finally decide to do so, logic nodes for AI behavior will be on my to do list.


If you really do this, you’ll be my hero