Alpha material

Hello I need to make a bottle scene… how do i make a glass texture for a bottle?

I am trying too play with alpha and transparency and it not works at all. Please someone i can tfind tutorials

That should be easy as long as you don’t need refraction. You can use the Armory PBR shader group and set the opacity. The Armory PBR group can be found by typing Shift+A in the shader editor and searching for “Armory”.


test1.blend (787.7 KB)

I will try this. is the result look realistic? My goal is to have an object inside the bottle in ocean beach scene and the object moves in the bottle as the bottle also moves by waves. I tried in blender but each time the two objects colide it they explode from each other or just disapear… im trying it to look like message in a bottle but in bottle is not message but small object.

@ikor Will look good if you can get the desired result. I was thinking of trying to create snow globe like scene as an app on your phone. Shake the phone and snow! Just like the real thing.