Android, adverts, levels

Hi there… I’m thinking about using armory to create a game for Android and maybe Ios, and a lot of thinks look positive about it … not too much to learn …

Here are a few questions…

  1. Can I include adverts in a game?

  2. Multiple rooms / levels … how would I do this? Multiple files? Multiple scenes?

  3. If several levels have the same textures will your phone have to reload all the textures each time you go to the next level?


Hi and welcome!

Armory currently does not support ads out of the box. But if you are familiar with Haxe, you could try including ads based libraries in your project. One candidate for this could be:

This is possible with multiple Blender scenes. At runtime, you can change the scene to load a new level.

This, I am not sure about. But my initial educated guess would be yes. If you change scenes in game, the game will have to re-load all textures again.

But I think this can also be overcome with a bit of Haxe.

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Thank you- that sounds very useful… I’ll look into using haxe to make the game capable of making money, and I’ll create multiple scenes for multiple levels - and they can have instace copied objects on several levels! In my experience phone games like to have many many levels that each only last about 5 minutes.

Hi and welcome to the Armory forum. I wonder if that is your website here ?
There are some impressive surrealistic art animations.

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It is indeed, yes! Thank you!