Android Apk / IOS google Admob support (plugins/addon)

Hey Lubos

It would be fine like in Unity or other Engine to get a Admob plugin /addon for google Admobs

(like here for Unity)

I get it on Android Studio and Released it as an Registered Signed Apk Game :snowboarder:

it works super finished 3 weeks long.

Now i hang on the admob Implementation and its hard because

however if i try to set as first activity in the AndroidManifest.xml the is admob inside) it crashed with ablackscreen on my phone but if i set as first activity the the Game runs smooth.

maybe its about the or the implementation however it would be nice for everyone here to get a addon or a plugin for google admob a specially Android and later for IOS too

if its possible :ski:

thanks best regards


I did request this here
Hopefully when armory is stabil and production ready, lubos can start on this. Or maybe if more people start requesting this, he can squeeze in this features sooner than later.

Ok good to know i miss that on github ,Ty Tumira

I work on it and if i solve it i will be tell it here how.

thanks best regards


Here you can find the haxe addon for ads

here you can find how to use a external library in armory

Hope it helps if you are able to do so then please reply