Android Publish ... how to do this?


I am desperatly trying to publish to an android build. I was able to publish all nesceccary files. But then there you need to go with other programs. I tried also to build it with pure Gradle cmd commands. But it also didn´t worked (i got errors). I found out, that i need to place a file “” by myself, into the folder which tells the gradle where the SDK / NDK is. It worked, but than some different errors appers.

My questions are:
1.) is it possible to create a apk only by gradle-cmd ?
2.) is there any step-by-step tutorial which covers / describes how to export to Android ?
3.) I use intelliJ, instead of AndroidStudio. Like it more. Is it possible to use this IDE for Armory3D apk-build ?

Would be really great if someone can give me some hints, links or a solution to my prob. Thx.

Its seems you need AndroidStudio For now. Check this link->
Hope this help.

Thx for the Link.

I tried it, but with no luck. (because of errors)

In my opinion it should be somehow more simple, to export to different systems. Like the win32 and html5 output. The dev could put a tool onto the armory3d site, which automates the processes. I could image to just point to the SDK & NDK folders and the engine itself or the given tool, builds the APK. Thats it. Otherwise i have to hassle with AndroidStudio, the configuration, etc.

Would be great to simplify the publishing-process to mobile devices !

The problem is that Armory would then have to come bundled with the massive android pack. I suppose in the future we could ask for a download button in Armory. (Just like Unity)


in a bundle with SDK, Armory3d would be a big download. But i would like to have it a bit different:

  • All the SDK / NDK could be downloaded by a small tool or the Engine itself, just to make sure to download all compatible versions ! Why ? It happend more times, that i downloaded the newest NDK r17c, but when i started to build my APK, the engine said: sry, install NDK r13c. So i wasted time…it wouldnt happen, when there would be a button that points to the correct version / download the correct version

Even if there is a Bundle on the Armory3D Site, it would minimize / eliminate the errors. Because The Developer tested this bundle, with that version of Armory3D. So it should work 100%. Unity for instance don´t need AndroidStudio. It just needs the JDK, SDK & NDK (but not the newest versions. It must be a compatible vers.).

On my own i have to test out, experiment if:

  • do i have the correct AndroidStudio vers. ?
  • which JDK is compatible with the Android-SDK, -NDK, -Studio ?
  • which JRE is compatible with the Android-SDK, -NDK, -Studio ?
  • which NDK should i download, is compatible with Armory3D ?
  • which Gradle.vers. is compatible with which SDK vers. / Armory3D vers. ?
    And now double trouble, because of :
  • All these stuff exist in x32 bit and x64bit !!!
    which JDK 32 o. 64 bit? JRE 32 o. 64 bit? NDK 32 o. 64 bit? AndroidStudio 32 o. 64 bit ? And so on …

Sure i use mostly x64 bit stuff, because my Os is 64 bit. But sometimes some apps want a 32bit JDK. I mean, there are so many options you can use, that it isn´t easy to build an APK. Also if you downloaded correct vers. for Armory3D, some errors appers. It is too hard to figure out by yourself, what is wrong. Gladly you can ask in the forum. But this takes also time. And as said before, if there were a detailed path to go through described by the dev. you save headicks and time.

Imagine the Developer of Armory3D gives you more Info or a tool or a better solution inside Armory3D, you will be sure that: AndroidStudio v2.33 x64 w. or w.o. SDK 28 w. or w.o. NDK r13c x64, w. or w.o. JDK v1.8.0_1.8 x64 works best with Armory3D v.0.5. This way you can be sure, that it works, because the Dev tested it by himself before he publish a new vers. of Armory3D.