Android render path

I don’t see “mobile” render path for android publishing.

There is only “ultra” to “low”, all use deferred and most preset doesn’t change a lot selecting one or the other.

Is there some documentation showing all Render Path recommended settings for Android ?
I think this would fit well in documentation.

In the exporter you choose one of the existing render paths that you wish to use for that target. To create a new render path go to Armory Render Path panel, should be just below Armory Exporter panel that you are looking into.

Try starting with the default cube first. In the template there are already some render paths pre-created as an example.

To set mobile preset -


The documentation need some update, the mobile preset is not available by default.

"It is recommended to click on add button to add a new preset, and select the mobile preset among the new ones proposed in Render - Armory Render Path"

Is this more appropriated ?