Animate Face via Joystick


i have a problem with the animation of face expressions.
I started a project with the monkey head as example and try to control the mouth live via joystick. I do not find any way to control vertices as I am used to in Blender.

First I tried shape keys but there is no change of the shape of the head in the Armory Player.

Then I tried bones but i can not move/scale/rotate one single bone with the Bone FK or Bone IK Node.
I tried out the file: animation-movebone ( but it seems to me that the example only works fine until I do any change.

Drivers and constrains to attach the Bones on other objects did also not work.

I would be thankful for any help, this project is not just a test, it is very importat to me.



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I think is better for you create the animations and save as they are, also not able to work ik node (but not tested much), I use ready animations, and run with node ‘play action’

but I still want to test animations with ik to do something with coding moving the object parented to bone

Thank You for your advice. To use actions as a workaround is also my last option. If blending works proper it is a possible way to show face expressions like noding, amazement or a friendly facial expression
But I think it is not the right way to manage lipsinc because there is no analoge input to for the voice.
To mix animations and LIve Action seem not really elegant and a high afford for a probably poor result.

I still hope to get the hint to use Bone FK/IK Nodes if they are functioning at the moment or find any way to control vertices with e.g. shape keys.

Thanks Joseph

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