Animation Frame Firing Function?

In other game engines, it’s possible to have animations triggering functions/events when they reach a certain moment/frame.
For instance, in Unity and Babylon.js this is called Animation Events.
Is this possible in Armory 3D? If it isn’t, how can I achieve a similar result? For example, how can I fire a function X seconds after an animation started?

I don’t know about Animation Events, but the following is somewhat useful:
In addition, the animations start automatically, so you’ll want to scroll down to “Methods” here…
Should be relatively simple to start an Animation and Timer and then have a function execute midway through the animation. Of course, the animation might not sync nicely, so the best approach is to make an animation marker and do this:

notifyOnMarker("didStuff(marker name)", doMore());
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There is a node “On action marker” too.

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Thank you guys, that’s exactly what I was looking for! :slight_smile: