Animation Not Playing (Haxe)

Hi guys!
I’m trying to create a side scrolling platformer. I created a character controller based on the bundled third person controller script, however I’m unable to play animations when I move the character. Only the starting animation is playing. Could anyone help me?

game.blend (922.4 KB)
Galinha.hx (4.5 KB)


Sorry had some difficulty in setting up the project, but following are some suggestions (not sure if it will address the problem)

I used Armory 0.5, so not sure if it is the reason why the parameters are slightly different.
Also find specified the whole parameters seem to be easier 'galinha_Idle', null, 0.2);

change to'galinha_Idle', null, 0.2, 1.0, true);

on update() method

if (marioneta.animation != null) {
// check if the update method really have that animation
trace("animation is not null");

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