Animation Render

Is it possible to render a 4K animation with armory ?

Are every blender outputs settings available to render armory animation ?

Have you already looked at at Texture dimensions ?

thanks for reply, it’s not a concern of rendering an animation inside the viewport. I would like to use armory as renderer to create an animation at a 2160P render output. But the set up isn’t clear for me. There A armory render with a render button and animation button but it only render my animation as png when i try to render in mp4 … I may be miss something somewhere.
If anyone can help it would be great !

That render button seems to be the only way right now to capture output, and according to a github comment it’s in an experimental stage.

Someone with more experience can confirm this, but if the Armory viewport updates when you change the scene frame, then it shouldn’t be difficult to create a script to advance the frame and call the button’s operator ( bpy.ops.arm.render() ) to generate images – meaning, capturing an image sequence that can then be assembled into a video, GIF etc.

Ok, thanks. I wil investigate this way. I’ll be back with some tests :slight_smile:

@RNavega cool to know if someone experiences that technic :wink:

@mistajuliax actually I use ShadowPlay and it’s sufficient to share Armory animations inside my network

(nvidia card needed to register)

I didn’t think about that, nice tricks ! may be i have to try too.
See you i have to animate right now !

Hey. Version 0.2 has both a render image and a render animation button, so I guess this would be the answer to this thread.

That, plus a renderpath preset called “Max (Render)”, which tunes graphics settings for using Armory as a high quality realtime (or near-realtime, depending on your system) renderer.
This means it’ll be possible to use it for producing graphics for non-interactive linear media (a fancy name for TV shows, movies, audiovisual in general.).

Tried the animation render, results are very dark in comparison to what am getting on browser. Weird banding also.
Is it possible to use the setframe through haxe ? Capturing html5 output through nvidia’s shadowplay has lousy lossy compression on it and gradients looked awful.

I guess there is something broken at the moment … The only thing i noticed is that the resolution depends on Dimensions panel in cycles settings. I can’t change the output file format which is still png file. I can’t reach a resolution above my first display resolution which is 1680x1050 whereas i have a second display which 1080p. The frame rate option seems to work. I tried to setup the frame to 24fps or 60fps and the both work. It is not really production ready yet. We have to wait for improvements and be patient :slight_smile: …

Dang, there was a bug triggered by opening a window at higher-than-display resolution, so Armory caps it. Which unfortunately also caps render capture resolution…will fix!

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Ok great, thank you.