Animation with Nodes

I was curious about learning how to manage animation with nodes so I took a look at the “animation_actions” in the Armory Examples. It helped a lot, but as expected it created some new questions.

-I figured out that by replacing the On Keyboard with On Init for the the Idle animation, the character would start the game in its Idle animation.

Now the questions.
In the example, a keyboard input triggers a new animation. That animation will cycle until another key is pressed. In a real world scenario I would want this animation to cycle only for as long as I have the key pressed, and then go back to idle when the key is released.
How do I get this sort of functionality with nodes?

Hypothetical Example: cube has 3 animations. 1 = idle, 2 = Z rotation, 3 = X rotation (keyframed for the example).
How would I have the cube blend between the 3, where the idle is the default when nothing is pressed?

Sorry for such a noob question. I just haven’t seen any examples like this and my brain is still stuck in the old bge logic brick way of doing it.

Thank you in advance for any help.

P.S. In the “animation-actions” example… does the blend work? I don’t see any difference when changing the blend values.


i would recommend you look at this post, Player Controller/Timer Nodes

the nodes are very helpful for everything you need.

Wow… thanks… I’ll take a look. See if I can sneak it in at work today. Shhhhh.