Any recommendations for making a 2D game with armory?

Hi there,
I’m looking at making a pseudo 2D game with armory (ie set in a 3D sidescrolling world, using 2d sprites facing the camera and a skeletion that only rotates in 2D).

I see that I can lock the physics resolver on individual objects to only use 2D. I’m wondering if anyone has any other recommendations for using Armory for a 2D game (yeah, I get the irony of using a game engine with “3D” in it’s name to make a 2D game…). Better yet, are there any 2D example/demo projects?

I used to make games like this in the Blender game engine, andf they worked out pretty well, other than having to add some stuff to check and fix when a physics bug pushed objects off the z=0 plane.


I think that it can work pretty well to do that. My non-programmer brother is programming an asteroids clone with Armory because he gets to use Logic Nodes and avoid writing a programming language. There is also a very good pong clone showcased here on the forums. It has seemed pretty easy just to set the linear factor along one of the axes to zero to keep it constrained. I know it seems ironic, but it is just so nice to have a UI to build the scenes and nodes to do at least some of the logic if not all of it. :slight_smile: