Any sort of Armory irc/discord type meeting place?

The forums are nice, call me impatient but I often find “live” conversations can be a lot more effective and expedient for giving and getting information. Has there been any thought to opening a channel on irc or Discord (or is there one up already)? I know there are several blender ones on (#blender, #gameblender, etc.) and a discord server already but an armory dedicated channel/server would be great! What do you guys think?

I think go for it :P. I was thinking of opening an Armory - Discord myself, but I really don’t have time to look after it now. For this type of thing I don’t think it’s necessary to wait for Lubos. Mind you, the Godot official server was created by a member of the community as an idea, unofficially, then the core Godot team just adopted it :slight_smile:

Hey razvanc-r, thanks very much for the reply!

I realized after posting that your message would probably be the reply I got (and probably for good reason). As I’m not in a position (time & experience-wise with Armory or chat moderation) to spearhead such a channel, the #gameblender irc room on the might surfice for the time being. I know from experience that its generally pretty dead so I doubt we’ll be stepping on too many toes if anyone interested would crash there to talk about Armory. Perhaps I’m just off though & this forum is enough for everyone. :slight_smile:

I don’t think you’re off by that much really, it’s just that at the moment there’s high interest in Armory but quite a small community. Just so you know, to run a discord you don’t need much experience :P, the Godot discord server I mentioned was created by someone with 0 experience, but it attracted a lot of people including people that are good with discord so solutions were easy to find, being all developers & what not.

But yeah, like in my case I can image the no. 1 factor stopping you is this time thing :slight_smile:

You got it, friend! Time is a harsh mistress as they say. Anyway, thanks again for you thoughtful responses!