Any way to have a mouseover hover - halo effect

well I’ve finally got armory working basically. It’s quite exciting!
Is there any way to achieve a mouse-over halo effect for an object in the scene (HTML5 build) ?
And then, when the object is clicked, I want to send to another webpage.
I’m trying to make a 3d ‘webpage’ and this functionality is the most critical first step.
Maybe someone has a node or haxe trait for this already made.
I think that would be a ‘trait’, sorry if noob question, I’m just getting started.

This is the most important thing I need to do. Without a halo hover-click I can’t achieve the ‘webpage’ effect that I need for our application(s).

You can change the material of a 3d object and therefore create a 3d button. Going to another website might be out of the scope of a game engine but I am sure you could write code to do that.

Remember, Armory is not even in Beta so many of the things you may want it to do may not even have been thought of yet.

Do you have some image example of the mouse hover ?

It should be possible accessing the material properties of the objects by code or logic nodes, changing it’s diffuse and emissive to a color when the mouse passes over, restore the material when the mouse is no more hover.

Or pass some parameter to the shader, a special shader using that parameter would make the object glow or not.

For example :

Most Material functions are missing to do that hover effect.

Request is on GitHub :smiley:

Thanks to both for your suggestions. I think this makes sense; I’ll definitely look into the github reference.
As I get something working I’ll post it for everybody.


I think you can use pure kha for going to another website.
there is an example of url on lewis lepton tuts.

Thanks again everybody. I’ll post whatever I come up with.