Anyone know how to use actions for rigged characters?

Has anyone figured how to use actions? I’ve been wondering how to use my “idle” action and my “walk” action. Note that I am using the node group on my armature.

Pushing an updated build this weekend, which has a proper support for multiple actions. Previously you would define aciton frames using custom armory ui which was quite clunky and limited. Build 12 started to work on this but exports just active action…

In the next update you can Stash multiple actions on armature like one would expect, and then simply use Play Action logic node or object.animation.playAction("myAction") from script. Hopefully I can get it out by tomorrow evening! :slight_smile:


New builds are now available on itch, along with an example on using actions:

Bugs are likely as the new system is not deeply tested yet, will keep fixing! There are further improvements included (like traits can now be also attached to scene itself), will do proper release notes if nothing major breaks. :hammer:

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