Anyway to scale an object without affects its children?

A workaround would be to scale down the player and scale up the camera, but this is very confuse…

If you scale the player to 0.5 you can easily know that you must scale the camera to 2.0, but for other values would be a pain. Is there any function i can use here?

The same goes for rotation.

@knowledgenude Why not unparent, scale and re-parent?

I am not sure why it would be a “pain” to scale the child object for any value. If you scale an object by x, the child should be scaled by 1/x, as long as x not equal 0.

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This math with the scale will help, thanks! I don’t unparent to avoid trouble if the object is moving (probably in the code it will be done instantly, i will also test this), anyway in many cases it can be done without problems. Thanks again!

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