Archery game

I made an archery game. It’s not any kind of masterpiece but well, let me share it.

play it :
source file :

use a mouse to set aim, left click to fire.

license: cc0


Pretty neat, obviously could use materials, but more than what I’ve done in armory, so bravo. Can’t wait to see more. :slight_smile:

Cool! It worked at home, but strangly not on the wierd computer I am currently stuck on, but the Demo on works fine here (but hella slow). Win 7, ATI Radeon 3100, AMD Phenom 8600B (tripple core), Firefox Quantum

EDIT: this is the console output if anyone is interested

Successfully compiled asm.js code (total compilation time 783ms; unable to cache asm.js in synchronous scripts; try loading asm.js via or createElement(‘script’))
Error: WebGL warning: Failed to create WebGL context: WebGL creation failed:

  • Error during ANGLE OpenGL init.
  • Exhausted GL driver caps.
    SystemImpl.hx:350: Could not initialize WebGL 2, falling back to WebGL.
    uncaught exception: Error: Could not compile shader:
    ERROR: 0:1: ‘330’ : version number not supported
    ERROR: 0:5: ‘in’ : storage qualifier supported in GLSL ES 3.00 and above only
    ERROR: 0:6: ‘out’ : storage qualifier supported in GLSL ES 3.00 and above only
    ERROR: 0:7: ‘in’ : storage qualifier supported in GLSL ES 3.00 and above only
    ERROR: 0:8: ‘out’ : storage qualifier supported in GLSL ES 3.00 and above only
    ERROR: 0:9: ‘in’ : storage qualifier supported in GLSL ES 3.00 and above only

thanks for the reply. I was more focused in making the logic than the view, but as you point out, it needs more visual updates. I will try to post updates as soon as I have some.

Actually, it was peculiar to me that it didn’t render on my iphone, so the info is very helpful. Thanks!
I’ll try to fix it.

:confused: ?

Bravo @KTakahiro1729 ! It loaded fine for me running on a 4 yr old Macbook Pro in Chrome. As for feedback I would like to see the arrows stick into the target. After 3 hits the target collapses (or disappears / fades away) a new target spawns in a random spot. For kicks you can add a timer and a best score count. Maybe add other target types that move and have individual spawn windows that expire for extra bonus point opportunities.

Super cool! Also worked on my android device. :slight_smile:

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Remade the game at
source: (may require to git clone to armsdk/armory)
license: cc0

No update for visual, rather on logics. All logics were built by nodes. I made some of the nodes myself. (You can use them in your own games too)

There are a few many known defects of this game.

  • The arrow sometimes sticks some what away from the target. I reckon this is something to do with bounciness and timing of notify-collision.
  • The property needs to be initiated in a trait. I reckon this is a bug in armory.
  • The grammar “1 times” is obviously wrong.
  • “Hit blah” UI text dissapears two secs after the first arrow contact. This means that even if another one hits during the two secs, it will not be displayed for 2 secs.
  • Some how, the “Erase” Event needs to be in between.
  • The Mirror Modifier doesn’t work. I think it used to work before…

and, the num of pixels seems to be too large for a browser…


LMBclick: fire
LMBdown: increase power
UP: focus on the target
DOWN: focus away from the target

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Sorry for being late. Would this help?

Not quite what you described but my newest game (arrow2) can

  • stick to target
  • moving target (sideways and getting faraway)
  • controll arrow strength with hold strength

I am planning to make an arrow3, after completing arrow2, which would include all the features you have presented. Keep in touch!

I tried both variants on Safari desktop/mobile showing only a black canvas.
This means to me, we need more dev and testing for Kha on Apple platforms.
Was it forced to use webgl2 ?


Maybe you don’t have support for a specific GLSL version!