Are Volume Shaders supported?

I tried to export a volumetric shaded material without any luck. Are they officially supported, is there any workaround ?

I have been around quite a bit in the Armory source code and examples, but I haven’t seen anything indicating support for volumetric materials. Technically, if you knew how to write a forward or deferred GLSL volumetric shader it would be possible to get it into Armory, but you would have to do it yourself. :confused:

What I’ve found so far in my experience with Armory is that it is possible to do anything, it just may not have been done yet. :slight_smile:

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What do you mean about volumetric materials ?
I think you mean fog or water.

no I mean volumetric materials, in cycles slang absorption and scattering :slight_smile:

Ok, sub surface scattering :joy:
People that does not use Blender cycle will not understand, while most people understand industry standard shaders.

I am not talking about sss really, take a look over here (to be honest the terminology I used was missleading since the beginning of my post - the correct title should be “volume shaders”) :

as an addition to my post fog can be achieved with depth map and camera position in a render pass and water can be just a typical vector shader. Although, if I am not mistaken the best thing that resembles what a volume shader is in blender - cycles is the two shaders I mentioned before, the absorption shader and the scatter one.

Those are just advanced shaders you can find in Unreal 4 with a proper name.
You can ask on GitHub for those shaders, perhaps Lubos will code them.

What shader do you need ? Its is for a game you are making ?

I don’t think it’s important to have such shaders when Armory is in alpha and really needs to work on issues before focusing again on graphics.

The actual volume shaders aren’t supported yet:

The closest you’ll get at this point is the global volumetric fog:

This of course doesn’t always cut it in all cases, but it’s a start for now :slight_smile:


I didnt mean to be an ignorant at all, I just was curious about the stage of shaders implementation, indeed there are other things to be done and they are obviously more important at the moment !

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Thank you, that was a concrete answer !

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