Armature actions only visible in shadows


I am trying to animate a character in armory 04 for win10 taking one of the example files as a model. I tried both with scripts and visual nodes and I obtain the same result. The character stays in tpose, but I can see the action being played inthe shadows around the scene. Just to be sure, I tried the same thing on a clean file and I encountered the same problem.

Here is the file I am using:

Anyone is able to help please?

while I am at it, I have another question. When you launch the file you can grab objects with your mouse (the box and the light stand) you’ll see that when you grab the box you get those shadows artifacts… anyone knows how to avoid them?

Thanks in advance!


It looks like a bug when skinned character is also using displacement. In the meantime setting Armory Render Path - Displacement to Off should do, or disconnecting the Displacement socket on respective materials manually.

For shadow artifacts, selecting the lamp and raising Armory Props - Bias property may help, this is also to be further improved in the engine to make it less painful…

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Thank you Lubos! Much appreciated help! I do not need displacement on the character (at least not in this situation), I guess it is just the fbx import default material. disconnecting the displacement worked!

Also for the shadows artifact, raising the bias helped.

Now I can get to the second part of the problem… I cannot switch between different actions when I press the buttons I assigned in the node script. I can see that pressing the button assigned to the default action will restart that action, but pressing the buttons assigned to other actions won’t do anything. Is there something wrong in he way I set up the script? Did I forget to do something else?

thank you again for your help, much appreciated! And keep up the great work! :slight_smile: