Armature-animation problems & build problems -> imported materials -> CAN U SKIP THIS NODES in build ?!

Hi there, is this a bug or am I doing somthing wrong,
I’d like to use mixamo Ybot animation first then tweakt the character,
but as soon as I play the animation (key 1 in the blendfile) it only plays in the shadows

wasd_comp.blend (2.2 MB)

ohh no look at the material which are imported from fbx:
just replace them with a correct material and it works :wink:

^^ maybe this kind of materials can be skipped by armory because it always produces all kind of errors, I’ve imported a big scene with a lot of this kind of nodesetups -
the result are build exceptions, now cleaning everything up
-> eevee works with this nodes flawless;)

on the mixcolor/refl set the alpha to 1 on the black, and remove alpha bsdf in the top left and it will fix the transparency issue.

Edit: forgot to say remove the node connected to the displacement and it will fix the shadows.

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Did some fixes latest armory should handle that material a little better now.