ArmorPaint 0.2 is out!

ArmorPaint 0.2 is out!

ArmorPaint is an in-development, stand-alone tool fully specialized in physically based texture painting of 3D models.

  • If you are Armory patron, get it for free at Patreon.

  • If you own Armory on itch, get the download link at My Purchases - Armory - Install Instructions.

  • If you wish to further support ArmorPaint, get it from itch:

Get started:

Note: At this point ArmorPaint is a very limited tool and is very likely to contain major bugs! When you encounter issues, please report them at:


  • Runs on the latest Armory
  • No macOS builds yet, want to resolve the signing issues first
  • Experimental support for .fbx and .gltf model import
  • Handles .jpg, .png, .tga, .hdr image formats now
  • Refined UI
  • Added Project - Camera - FoV property
  • UI Scaling
  • Baking Ambient Occlusion
  • Multiple materials & brushes can be created now (no icon-preview yet)
  • Added Brushes - Visible Only property - limit painting to visible faces or paint through
  • Exposed Brush nodes - this is basically Armory logic nodes allowing us to create custom brushes in the future.

Thanks for all the valuable feedback, hope this resolves some of the reported issues!

Have fun! :paintbrush:


Great! I tested the UI scaling feature, not perfect but it is already usable! I have updated some findings to GitHub too.

And for some reason, when idle it takes up 30% of the GPU resource (GTX980) and make my GPU fan screaming…consider the complexity of the scene (a cube), it is a little bit high. (For comparison, GPU usage is 0% when using blender’s texture paint mode).

Yea, but armorPaint was “designed to run completely on the gpu”.

Thanks for the testing, helps a lot!

GPU usage - turns out the render path is rendering the scene constantly (like in games), it should be fully idle when not painting. Thought I already had this implemented, will be fixed in the next build. :slight_smile: