ArmorPaint 0.3 is out!

ArmorPaint 0.3 is out!

ArmorPaint is an in-development, stand-alone tool fully specialized in physically based texture painting of 3D models.

  • If you are Armory patron, get it for free at Patreon.

  • If you own Armory on itch, get the download link at My Purchases - Armory - Install Instructions.

  • If you wish to further support ArmorPaint, get it from itch:

Get started:

Note: At this point ArmorPaint is a very limited tool and is very likely to contain major bugs! When you encounter issues, please report them at There are already several known issues which I hope to fix.


  • Runs on the latest Armory, idle GPU usage should be greatly reduced now
  • Further refined UI, easily accessible toolbar at the top
  • More than 5 materials can now be created in the material shelf
  • macOS builds are added, unsigned - please read attached instructions.txt
  • Added erase tool
  • Added support for color id maps
  • Added support for layers - basic for now, handles 2 layers
  • Added support for pen pressure on Windows, Linux in the works
  • Improved paint bias, texture cracks should be reduced now
  • Theming support
  • Plugins support
  • Improved UI scaling
  • Added Preferences tab - UI Scale can now be configured inside the program!

Thanks for the battle-testing - it’s amazing to see you using ArmorPaint in your work! :paintbrush:


I’ve tested it and it’s looking very good!
…I guess that for using it in production I only have to wait for the .blend support.

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Hello, i’m trying to test it on Fedora Linux but a library missing:

That’s it. I’m getting Armor Paint. That animal up there is too beautiful!

What does this mean? Which “armor” does this refer to? Isn’t there both armor 3s and armorpaint? So to which does this apply?

If you own Armory on, that’s mean if you paid armory to help to develop 1 year ago … You have had a link to download armorpaint for free. But actually i don’t have the link anymore.

Me too since armory is free i cant find the download link

@lubos can you merge armory and armory paint ?

I really like it so far! But in my opinion armorpaint would be much better if it was integrated into blender, as an addon. This way it could use the blender node editor system, as well as its viewport. Just an idea, great development so far!