ArmorPaint 0.5 is out!

Cowboy by Ricardo28roi

ArmorPaint 0.5 is out!

ArmorPaint is an in-development software specialized in PBR texture painting of 3D models.

  • Buy the preview version if you wish to support development

  • If you support Armory fund, use the link from welcome email to download

  • In case of issues, 0.4 builds are still up

Get started:

Note: ArmorPaint is in early stages and is likely to contain major bugs! If you encounter issues, please report them on GitHub. I will do my best to fix all mayor issues as we go.


  • Manual has been updated
  • Website has been updated
  • Runs on the latest Armory
  • Program power usage has been reduced
  • Performance on lower-end hardware has been improved
  • Cleaner directory structure, single .exe/binary now + data folder
  • Program size has been reduced, down to ~6MB now, ~15MB unpacked
  • Material preview is now instant on each material node change
  • Unlimited undo support, set to 4 steps by default
  • Amount of steps can be configured in Preferences tab, up to 128 undo steps tested
  • Up to 5 layers now supported
  • Improved .obj importer, all unwrapped files should import properly
  • 600MB+ .obj files should import properly now
  • Improved .fbx importer
  • Fixed flipped UVs for imported .fbx files
  • When importing mesh with no UVs, ArmorPaint will do basic unwrap itself
    This allows to quickly preview non-unwrapped meshes
  • Importing big meshes is 30% faster now
  • Added basic .blend file support, will import first mesh from the file
    Importing materials from .blend file will be enabled in the future
  • Fixed drag and drop support on Linux
  • Fixed text field editing on Linux
  • Pen pressure now works on both Windows and Linux
  • Fixed window resize on macOS
  • Created a sample files repository, which can be used to test file compatibility:

  • Projects can be saved and loaded now
    Mesh, layers and materials will be saved into .arm project file
    Project file can be imported by drag and dropping .arm file onto viewport
    Saved projects are not compressed yet, due to storing raw texture data project file can take 50MB+
  • Added multi-object support when importing .obj or .fbx files
  • Objects - Mask property can be used to limit painting on the selected object only
  • Preparations for configurable keymap
  • Currently loaded mesh can be exported into .obj file now
  • Textures can be exported in .jpg and .png format now
  • Color space for exported textures can be configured
  • Added Auto-Fill option to the Fill tool - auto-fills selected object on each material node change
  • AO Bake tool can be configured with strength, radius and offset now
  • Use Paint Maps panel to control which textures can be painted on
  • Improved 2D View - select which texture to show and display UV map
  • ArcBall, Orbit and Fly camera types now available
  • Experimental: Drag and drop .hdr file onto the viewport to change the environment map
  • Up axis for the imported model can be flipped to Y or Z now
  • Preferences are now auto-saved
  • Shadows quality, super-sampling, ssao, ssr, bloom and backface culling can be configured
  • Lots of UI refinements
  • Improved UI scale, works for nodes and file browser now
  • New material nodes have been added
  • Color space can be configured for the Image node
  • Added Draw - Mirror Screen option for symmetry painting
  • Viewport - Show Envmap now works properly
  • Added Viewport - Show Grid option
  • UI layout can be set to left or right side now
  • Drag and drop a folder with PBR textures onto the viewport,
    ArmorPaint will automatically create a new material from imported textures
  • And tons of other bug fixes :hammer:

ArmorPaint 0.5 is the biggest update yet! Essentials like undo support and project saving are now in. More improvements to the interface, masking and especially import pipeline are imminent. Please let me know about the most annoying bugs you stumble upon.

Thanks for battle-testing! :paintbrush:


Great! Time to test!

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Is there a way that I can find out the commits for the Armory SDK that can be used to build ArmorPaint? I want to compile the git version, but I am getting errors that I’m assuming is due to incompatible versions of the ArmSDK.

I’m really interested in trying it. It looks like it’s going pretty well, and a great show-off of what Armory can accomplish as an application framework.

Edit: Nevermind, it was a problem with some hacks I had made to Armory. Oops. :smile:

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Hello Lubos I am from Germany and my english is not so good so sorry for that.
Every time I start the program and add a mesh (.FBX file) crashes the program.
There is no error message it just closes.
I have already tried without material and change the size of the object.
My Pc System Windows 10 Pro Ryzen7, 32GB Ram, Geforce GTX 1080 Ti
I hope you can help me with the problem thank you

Hello @Nigel ,

Do you have a chance to share the fbx file with me? Or do all of the files crash for you? Would like to take a look at it and fix that.

If you download the sample .zip repository here:

Do these files work ok? Can you also please test whether .obj file works?

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Hello Lubos
I have the armorpaint 0.5 version some meshes work as well as the test mesh.
I upload that doesnt work.

Hi, just bought armorpaint 0.5 version and want to report that fbx and khronos gltf from this tool won’t import …do you have more information on required obj, fbx, and gltf settings for importing? If possible, contact the author of the tool, am sure he’d make a plugin for better workflow…

Just got to try out ArmorPaint for the first time yesterday and it is great! It runs really fast and starts up nearly instantly, even on my laptop with very sub-optimal graphics capabilities. It fits perfectly with my team as we only use Open Source tools to do everything. Now we have a PBR painter! Great work. I look forward to watching it grow with Armory. :smile: