ArmorPaint Free?

Any idea when ArmorPaint will be released for free? In May 2018 Lubos stated that ArmorPaint was going to be released for free for 0.5, but that never happened, and .6 is almost out

Armory is not 100% funded as of now and ArmorPaint helps to keep the project going. It’s tough to make everything free… :slight_smile:

(The original plans were skewed due to patreon issues.)

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Oh I see, I didn’t know that armorpaint was relying on the armory engine fund section since armory it’s the one that it’s free, but we all have to eat right? :slight_smile: will try to help on that. Keep up the good work!


Lubos, I want to donate, but could you provide another currency options instead of euro? Like Dollar or Reais(BRL)?

I bought it on Itch.IO when it got released because I wanted to help support it. I also love anything related to Blender so that’s what caught my attention the most.

Creating software takes time so by us buying or donating to Lubos that helps to keep his attention on development instead of wasting his time trying to survive and work elsewhere.

I’d say consider donating to it even when it goes free.

It’s a great piece of software that I am sure will start to gain a lot of attention especially now that Algorithmic joined up with Adobe. Everyone is bound to start looking for alternatives to Substance Painter since Adobe has a habit of ruining everything.


Always amazed by the cool people gathering around the whole armory project. :blush: @mauricio_heberle version should be in $, I think for BRL it’s only this paypal link. Thank you!

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Yes, armorpaint has such a great potential! Every opportunity I have to spread about it in social medias/forums, I do. I noticed that many people of the Blender community havent heard about it yet.

@lubos Thanks! I do believe in your project. Keep going :slight_smile: