ArmorPaint QOL Improvement Suggestions

Bought ArmorPaint standalone last week and I’m pretty impressed with the potential it has, as well as what it can already do. After using it for a few hours I have some QOL/feature suggestions. I didn’t want to muddle up the github page with a giant post, so I’ll put it here:

1. Brush Improvements

  • Brush alphas (as in Substance Painter)
  • Brush angle
  • ‘Project’ paint mode should have the ability to project the brush along a Mesh’s normals
  • Ability to save brush settings as presets (and have a library of brushes)
  • Ability to save the above mentioned brush presets to the ArmorPaint startup file
  • Ability to save Paint Maps selections as part of a brush preset

2. Layer Improvements

  • Ability to rename layers
  • Ability to move layers up or down in the stack
  • Ability to group layers into folders, and expand/collapse folders accordingly

3. Material Improvements

  • Ability to save Materials to the ArmorPaint startup file (Material presets)

4. UI Improvements

  • Ability to open the Node Editor and 2D View at the same time
  • Directory ‘favorites’ in file browsing (I/O); on a side note, on my Windows x64 standalone version I cannot highlight and delete a string in the file browsing window. Nor can I hold down backspace to delete a string rapidly. I have to manually press backspace for each character.

5. Object Improvements

  • Ability to select specific faces on a mesh for painting

6. System Improvements

  • Ability to save app configurations / settings to the ArmorPaint startup file (ie: texture export format)

Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing where ArmorPaint goes in the future!


Thanks for taking the time on putting the list together, this is an extremely helpful post. I have added a link to the issue tracker just to keep it handy. I strive to resolve all of these, first batch of fixes soon in upcoming build. :slight_smile: