ArmorPaint v0.1 is out!

ArmorPaint v0.1 is out!

ArmorPaint is an in-development, stand-alone tool fully specialized in physically based texture painting of 3D models.

  • If you are Armory patron, get it for free at Patreon.

  • If you own Armory on itch, check your email for a free copy.

  • If you wish to further support ArmorPaint, get it at:

Get started:

Note: At this point ArmorPaint is a very limited tool and is very likely to contain major bugs! When you encounter issues, please report them at:

Happy painting! :slight_smile:


Congratulations! I got my copy, will definitely try it out soon!


Really nice! I’m sure it’s the foundation of something great

do you think i’ll be able to paint using blender guru’s snow material? or does the procedural voronoi texture not support normal maps?

very cool! Thanks! I got the email link but my mac always complains ‘“ArmorPaint” is damaged and can’t be opened.’ when I double click the app. Anybody get the same?

I can’t find that message with the free copy. I’ve checked the Spam and wasn’t there also.

Another way to get access it by logging into Paetron, and clicking the link in the news post there.

Hey,Lubos.I saw the preview for ArmorPaint and ot looks great. I wish you the best of luck,buddy.

OK the first suggestion is, to give user option to scale the UI up for HiDPI screen.
I am using a 4K monitor on Ubuntu and I didn’t find a way to scale the UI up. I can switch back to Windows 10 and scale the whole thing there, but still, proper HiDPI support will be much appreciated.

And the 2nd issue might be Linux specific. When running the program in non-fullscreen window mode on Linux, the object rotation / mouse movement ratio seems not correct, and this is not just ArmorPaint, any game built by Armory also have this problem. (note that I am using 200% scaling mode of Ubuntu 17.10)

I will report these 2 issues in Github.


Will armory paint also become free as Armory hits 1600$ on patreon? (I didn’t get an e-mail, too but it’s ok!)

Good work very good tool

Looks like sending emails through is not super reliable… If you go to - My Purchases - Armory (basically where new Armory builds are downloaded) then at the bottom there is link to download ArmorPaint:

@sans-iccal I think not, since there is no displacement / height channel painting yet.

@peon Hm, are you able to set ‘Allow apps downloaded from’ to ‘Anywhere’ in Security & Privacy? Afterwards you should be able to put it back to previous setting…

@Simonrazer not sure if it gets free immediately so there are still some rewards left for patreon, but as it gets more usable then the goal is to also make it free, same like armory. :slight_smile:


@peon just a quick note, if you have Sierra installed, then you won’t see the ‘Anywhere’ option, so you’ll have to open your Terminal, and type in:

sudo spctl --master-disable

Enter your system password, close and reopen System Preferences and it’ll be back on. After installing ArmoryPaint if you want to return your security settings back just type:

sudo spctl --master-enable

Thanks for the help @lubos & @Blood_and_Chrome ! I use High Sierra and that helped me get past the first message — the app crashes on open now though and says “Krom quit unexpectedly”, any ideas? I’ll try it on another computer when I get a chance and report back.

Hey @peon I got the same message as well, I just had to make sure I updated the SDK from the User Preferences in Blender (Armory build of course):

That fixed me right up and I was able to open ArmorPaint.

@peon Btw in order to know when the update is finished, it’s best to open Blender Armory via the blender unix executable, which you can get by right clicking on the icon and choosing ‘Show Package Contents’. From there navigate to the executable:

A terminal window will open up, and then you proceed with the sdk update and keep an eye on the terminal to see when the update process has completed. After that you should be good to go.

Hey,guys. I think that they should add more procedural texture nodes for things like rusty metal,porcelain,brushed metal,leather and fabric. I saw this in Substance Designer and I thought “Why not add this kind of texturing to ArmorPaint?” We can create our own unique version to really make it stand out among the rest. I’m not saying to make it exactly the same but I think it’ll help to increase the texturing workflow and productivity.

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