Armory add-on has not been updated to 2.8 when trying to import in Blender

I intent to contribute to the development of both Blender 2.8 and Armory3D add-on + sdk. I started by cloning the Blender 2.8’s repo and building the source code into a binary for my platform.
Then I forked and cloned and

My problem comes when I try to import the add-on from armory3d/armory/tree/master/blender/addon (or from armsdk/armory/blender/addon). I get this error:
I don’t know how does the Blender included with the Armory SDK bundle we download from the site differ from the one I built and how can I make the add-on be accepted. Tried changing version but no success.

Not very much information for developers on the site either

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Try changing blender version to (2, 80, 1)

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Thanks. Apparently Blender does not allow registering modules right now or has changed the way it does it:

Module bpy.utils has not attribute register_module

Blender is not accepting any updates for add-ons right now and actually created a freeze on them. I don’t know it that is the problem you are running in to right now. Perhaps @lubos know how to deal with this.

I managed to make the add-on compatible with Blender 2.8 by changing the way it is registered (it registers each of the classes in It is installed and enabled. But when I enable the workspace add-on and click START I get another error:

I was using Bundled SDK, that is what caused the error. Now, I specified the path to the armsdk I cloned but when I click START, I get this:

This also happens if I use the SDK I downloaded with Armory3d 0.4

This is probably why.

Knew it.
Armory has been integrated into Blender as an add-on but I see there are more errors related to name changes an stuff. I will take care of it

Lastly, if I want to focus on the 2.8 version of Blender and Armory3D as an add-on to it (instead of making Blender part of Armory3D), should I create another branch for this or would my eventual PRs be accepted in the master branch?

I don’t know how are 2.8 and 2.79 separated when building Armory3D.
Thanks for your help

and so it will be whenever you want to find information in the blender documentation, there is never anything well documented, or in your case as it is happening to you, there is not even information