Armory alpha 6 and logic nodes

Creating new logic nodes and attaching nodes to objects makes haxe compile errors.
Sometimes it worked, cleaning cache and restart Blender does not help.

For example this simple nodes works, attaching to object the compiler seem to not find the code.
It does not find NodeTree.

I have an open PR to fix this:

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When a fix will be available ? As alpha 6 is no more usable with logic nodes with the issue.

You could merge the branch into your own armsdk if you want to get the fix now. Otherwise you just have to wait for Lubos to merge my PR. I already fixed it, it just hasn’t been merged yet.

Note that with the version of the PR on GitHub right now, you have to go to the trait panel of every object with Node traits to update the system to use the new underlying property names ( see comment ).

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