Armory app won't play when hit play

Hi so when I play my armory scene it compiles but it doesn’t play, it just goes back to a normal play button. here is the link to a pic of my scene.

If errors occur, they are usually written to the console. On Windows, the console can be opened via the Window menu - Toggle System Console

Does normal (default) scene playback work?

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yes the default scene play button works but not the scene I’m current’y using. here is the error I get

Another addon SpeedFlow gives the error. Perhaps due to the use of the latter, they conflict with Armory. Either try disabling this addon or post a bug here:

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I am having the same problem. Here is the error message I’m getting.


Hi, What version of Blender are you using? The recommended version is 2.83 LTS.


I was using 2.91. It looks like it’s working in 2.83 LTS. Thank you.