Armory Collision Bug

Im having a weird bug that I have no idea what to do about where when my manoeuvrable character collides with a passive object on the x or y axis, it starts to slowly move in the opposite direction. Is anyone else having this bug and does anyone know the cause and way to fix it. Also Im not very knowledgeable in Armory and I am pretty new so sorry if this is a simple setting that I have set up wrong

Hi and welcome

What type of physics object is your maneuverable character? In that is it Dynamic / Static / Kinematic?

If its a Dynamic object, it will react with collisions and move in the opposite direction and that is the intended behavior

One way to reduce this reaction is to increase the friction.

I could have a look at it if its okay to send your blend file. (Please “pack external data” in the blend file)
Heres a link as i cant upload files yet

I just downloaded the file…it seems you are using quite an old version of Armory (2020.2), as such a lot of the nodes have become incompatible and must be replaced. Please update your Armory SDK to the newest version (2021.11) and update your project. Then re-send the project.

Whenever I attempt to update armory, The logic node editor type is unavailable and the logic node are unidentified

How do you update Armory? If the update does not work well from inside Blender with armory add-on, you can also download it from

Since the current version of the addon you use is almost two years, the update from inside Blender might not work well. So I suggest simply uninstalling the current armory addon from Blender and re-install the newly downloaded one.

Note that updating Armory itself is not sufficient. You may have to replace old and deprecated logic nodes with new counterparts.

You should remove the previous version of armory by pressing remove and then reinstall the latest version as before. If not just update the addon directly in blender as shown here:
Here is the link for the updated version with better armory and blender. (Sorry it took a while, didn`t have much time when I could do it till recently)

Hi, I just had a look at your file.

The player was sliding backward because of 2 reasons:

  1. The collision shape of the ground “Plane” was set to “Convex Hull” This means that the collision shape of the ground will never be flat and will be of some convex shape. So to make the ground a flat surface, change the collision shape to “Mesh”

  2. The friction (RigidBody -> Surface Response) of both the player “Body” and the ground “Plane” were close to zero. This means objects will have tendency to slide. A good value is to set the friction of both object to 0.5

This should fix the object sliding back issue.

Apart from this, there are a few ways to improve the project.

  1. Use he “Set Variable Node” and “Get Variable Node” to set/ get values to a particular variable instead of the “Write Storage” and “Read Storage” nodes. These nodes must only be used to for example save some game data like high score and so on.

  2. Remove the “Collision” modifiers (Not Rigid Body) form the objects as they do not work in Armory.

Thanks I’ll apply these as soon as I can and the collision was just a transcription error i did by accident that I’ll also fix. Thanks for the help and I’ll update this on whether this works or not