Armory Dev is Running on Blender 2.8 and Armory has 1K Stars on GitHub 🎉

I just wanted to say that I tested out the latest dev branches of Armory and Iron and it is working in Blender 2.8! Yay! :tada:

Edit: I also just saw that Armory has 1,015 stars on GitHub! It broke 1K. :smiley:


how to compile from git??

Follow the instructions here:

Additionally you will need to cd to the iron and armory folders and do the following:

git checkout -b dev
git pull origin dev

That will checkout Blender 2.8 versions of Iron and Armory.

Then, you just follow the instructions for how to install the Armory plugin:


Does it run using Eevee? Is it using a Blender viewport, or is it still a popup separate window?

When installed as a plugin it run in as separate window when you play the game. It is still Blender 2.8 so you can view the Eevee render in the viewport like you could for any other blend, but the sky tends to look wrong for me in Eevee for me so I have to tweak that or the scene will be all blown out.

Getting the viewport Armory player requires compiling Blender from source.

Not sure Eevee was designed for game real time rendering and performance.
Does Eevee provide some fast global illumination approximation for games ?