[Armory Digest] - June 2020

Armory Digest June 2020

Armory Digest Roundup

Small community roundup

It’s June now, we’re reaching the middle of the year. The first Armory3D Community Game Competition has ended, and it’s time to vote. Read more below!


Lubos showcased some stencil masking, stencil mask and brush jitter. This is cool stuff!

Brush jitter

Timodriaan (MoritzBrueckner) released Koui - A promising new UI library for Kha and Armory @ https://koui.gitlab.io/

The first Armory3D competition has ended. Time to turn in your projects and vote!

Armory Community Game Competition #1 - Voting

Competition voting

The competition has ended and if you haven’t posted your competition game entry yet? Hurry up! Due to unforeseen technical errors with the forum registration system, the voting will be postponed for 3 days. In case you’re not able to create a user here, you can still participate by:

Method one:

Showcase your game on Discord (Armory) in the “Showcase” channel. Remember to post at least 2 pictures of your project and remember to write that it’s for the Armory3D Community Game Competition.

Method two:

Make a github (https://github.com/) repo with your game and post some images and description in the readme.md (default text) file. Make sure that the repo name starts with “ACGC_” so I can find it.

Method three:

Post it in this forum’s showcase section.

Included just to clarify. This is the recommended method, although as mentioned it might not be possible for everyone due to the registration problems.

Method four:

This is the least recommended method, but if everything else fails: Send me a DM on twitter @ NaxelaKleemann

At the end, I will try to compile up all entries in one thread along with a competition poll. You will need a user to be able to cast your vote.

A voting thread will be made on thursday (4th of june), and the voting will run for a week. Remember to vote! Although if there’s only one competition entry, then that’s an automatic win!

Notable changes in Armory

This months Armory SDK is out, get it on itch: Armory3D by armory

  • Add retrigger option for PlaySoundRawNode

  • Add pause/stop option for PlaySoundRawNode

  • Add loop option for PlaySoundRawNode

  • Add optional sampling rate for PlaySoundRawNode

Competition voting

  • Allow Armory3D to set custom play scene

Competition voting

  • Fix proper debug console log output formatting

  • Fix for running blender in background mode

  • Fix boolean type node properties

  • Canvas elements now listens to hover events

  • Performance improvement for canvas elements

  • Fix for onCanvasElement when ZUI is disabled

  • Fix for canvas element not visible

  • Cleanup for particle system export

  • Fix for linked particle instances

  • Implement render emitter option

  • Generate project version class field

  • Irradiance uniforms passed as argument

  • Allow multiple color attachments

  • Color attachment format

  • World pass cleanup

  • Improved metal gapi detection

  • Clear pass for metal as well as metal fixes

  • Fixed irradiance export when arm is not minimized

  • Fix for missing uv coordinates (tex and tex1) for custom shaders/materials

Contributors: Lubos, MoritzBrueckner, QuantumCoder, tong, kennylerma

See Armory commits here

See Iron commits here

Notable changes in Armorpaint (v0.8 since May)

  • SVG support

  • Added layer and clear mask operators

  • Improved retina support on macOS

  • Improved kha system defines

  • Improved shortcut handling

  • Add support for rotating environment map

  • No symmetry depth rejection

  • Fix for bake undo

  • Fix for project load

  • Merged materials on OBJ import

  • Improved log redraw

  • Improved float reading

  • Drop paths supported on iOS

  • Window scale auto adjustment

  • Fix for locale detech

  • Handle BGR swap

  • Output for Metal shading language

  • 3D cursor for Metal GAPI

  • Single channel clear pass

  • Pass color attachments

  • Pass irradiance uniforms as argument

  • Metal shader stubs

  • Show Metal as a graphics API option (next to Dx11, Dx12 and OpenGL)

See Armorpaint commits here

See release notes here


These examples are showcased outside of the Armory Gaming Competition. Entries are not shown.

PotaPiyo_1 uploaded a nice example showcasing an electrical board system:

ArmoryBlender showcased a cool video with a gravity gun example similar to Half-Life 2:

ArmoryBlender showcased an aura effect on Twitter, to be posted on youtube soon:

Competition voting

Featured Example

Debug_draw is an example that shows you how to utilize the debugging options in Armory, showing the selected object with a box around, allowing you to find objects in scenes with many elements.

Featured tutorial

Armory3D - FPS Shooting

This Jayanam tutorial shows you how to setup a first person shooter example and guides you through the setup and Haxe code:

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Current list of competition entries (Will be updated):

Smxham posetd this cool looking RTS hex-tile game in the forum showcase section:



Thanks for doing this each month. It’s really helpful :slight_smile: