Armory does not play in viewport

I have a problem with armory. I built the addon from git. made it work with blender it seems (the play in viewport button is visible) But when I attempt to run the preview, the window simply flashes and shuts down immediately leaving me with blender working only. Am I doing something wrong, or is it some issue to be fixed in upcoming releases or Armory?

My setup:

Kubuntu 17.10 64bit
KDE Frameworks version: 5.44.0
Qt version: 5.9.1

I tried running Armory with both default and amd pro driver. The second helps with weird glitches in blender, but not with Armory itself.

It should work I believe. Just to make sure, does play in window(F5) work correctly?

Nah, nothing changes here. Same problem on both default and amd pro pressing F5 unfortunately